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Happy Customers


We love to see our puppies as they grow with their new families, and we encourage our customers to keep in touch.


From Cosmo's owner:
"We got our golden retriever puppy from Centennial Ranch. He's a wonderful puppy at 5 months now. Love Anne and family. Really nice people ♥"

Cosmo is by Angel and Chance,
and is three months old here.

Cosmo, a month after the photo on the left.
What a difference a month can make.


Charlie is by Ginger, (retired,) and Bear.

Treelore, from Honey and Chance.
Mary and Allan love their boy, and
had his DNA tested: 100% Golden Retriever.


Ted and Hank, (below,) Goldador brothers, by Hershey and Chance, at seven months. 
"We are extremely happy with our Golden/Lab mix bothers, Hank and Ted.  They have a great temperament, have been easy to train, and have been consistently healthy.  They have socialized very well with people and other dogs.  Anne and Ed are great to work as well, so we highly recommend Centennial Ranch.

Tim and Tracy Mueller, Littleton CO"   

Bailey, by Honey and Chance,  at two.


Atticus, owned by Rex and Jane Morris, is a Honey and Chance boy.
Three photos of him growing into the handsome dog he is today.


Bailey's canine parents are Sable and Gator.

Bailey discovers how
comfortable a chair can be.

A direct quote:
"Hey hooman, floor is hard.
I stare until you let me on couch."

Bailey and sister, Violet,
protesting being locked out
of the house.
Violet is by our Aspen and
Max, both retired.


Charlie is by Hayley and Chance.

Charlie still thinks he's a lap-dog.

"Charlie is doing great!!  Took him to the beach
for his second birthday.
He loved it!
He is 85 poundsand gorgeous!! Loves to hike,
jump in the ocean and bewith his family.
Every place we go people come upand want to pet him."
Sandra and Mike Hollis


George and Grace celebrate their first birthday.

Their parents are Hayley and Chance.

"George and Grace have brought so much wonderful energy and love to our household! Centennial Ranch is a loving family with integrity. We highly recommend them if you are looking for a furry family member!"
Erin Granillo

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