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Centennial Ranch is a small, family based
breeder.  Our main goal is to provide our customers with a happy, healthy, well-adjusted puppy.

We are currently breeding Golden Retrievers, Labrador Retrievers, and English Springer Spaniels.

All of our puppies are born in our homes, and spend the first three to four weeks of their lives in one of our bedrooms.  They are weighed daily, and we make sure they are healthy and content.

Our dogs are known for their gentle, loving natures, and make ideal family dogs.  Even though our main goal is to provide loving family members, many of our puppies have been used for show and hunting, and others have become wonderful service, therapy and companion dogs.

All puppies have appropriate shots and worming before they go to their new homes.  They are also checked by our veterinarian, to be sure they are healthy before leaving the ranch.

We are located in the high plains, about forty miles North of the Denver metropolitan area, and a few miles Northeast of the city of Platteville.

Please call Anne Backstrom at 970-396-3186, or email to, for more information.


We often have waiting lists for future litters, so feel free to contact us about adding your name.

White, or other colored markings on the puppies in photos is a non-toxic pigment used to mark each puppy at birth.  This marking allows us to identify each puppy while they are with us at Centennial Ranch.The marks are not permanent.


This is Danny and his mother, Tawny.

As you can see above, Danny

grew into a handsome boy and a

great mascot for the ranch.

Danny with his little "brother" and co-mascot, Baby Boy.

Danny watching over his kingdom.


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